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Torwind Token ( Pippi) 1 year old)

Torwind Token (Pippi ) 1 year old)

Torwind Taffeta(Bracken) 11 mths

Torwind Taffeta(Bracken)

Torwind Territory ( Travis) 1 year old

Torwind Territory ( Travis) 1 year old

Torwind Trailblazer11 mths ( Jasper)

Torwind Trailblazer 9.5 mths ( Jasper)

Torwind Triticiae ( Rye) 11 mths

Torwind Triticiae ( Rye )11 mths


Tango's 3rd pups

Tango's 3rd litter of pups were also sired by Woody ( Lambriggan laddy of Torwind) as we were so pleased with them, producing fantastic working dogs and pets and once again have had really good feedback from owners. We are hoping that Tango will have one more litter with Woody, as are the owners in waiting ,who are on the list !
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