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ALFIE HAYWOOD in his keep Cool T shirt

ALFIE keeping cool on a hot day

ALFIE having fun in sun but keeping cool


Hotterdog Fleeces

KEEP COOL T SHIRTS made by Equafleece

We have also started stocking THE COOLING T SHIRTS  made by equafleece  , that dogs can wear in the summer to cool them down by soaking them in water before wearing.

GREAT FOR TRAVELLING ON A HOT DAY  and also for those dogs who don't like to swim.

The Equafleece® T-shirt Body is as a light weight cooling vest. Soaked in cold water before wearing, the T-shirt is extremely effective in helping to keep your dog cool, taking up to four hours to fully dry while the evaporating water lowers the dog's body temperature - great for hot days.



The T-shirt Body is also the perfect garment for dogs with RASHES , GRASS ALLERGIES, HAIR LOSS or good for POST OPS  to protect wounds or dressings.

In addition, the use of a T-shirt is highly recommended by canine behaviourists as a "protective portable hug" to calm a dog when anxiety strikes - for instance during thunderstorms and firework displays.

T-shirt Body  is soft, comfortable, easy to fit and remove and will not misshape with use and age.

 The Equafleece® T-Shirt Body as a soft, comfortable and unobtrusive layer to help combat allergies, sunburn and for post-operative dressings. It is made from 97% cotton and 3% elastane, to keep its shape, and has the shape of the 'tankie' though a little more cropped coming neatly to the end of the rib cage.

The T-shirt is also highly recommended by canine behaviourists and TTouch practitioners as a calming aid to de-stress your dog when anxiety strikes - for instance during thunderstorms and firework displays. It is the "protective portable hug" theory .

3 colours: Black, Camo green and Grey.


XS/S = £12  S S/M = £14   L/XL = £17  if paid by cheque or bank transfer 

Plus £2.00  Postage Packing in XS -M  or £3.50 in L/XL




 £1 extra if paying by PayPal to cover the fees.  




Make sure your dog is standing straight, facing forwards and not hunching his back.

The 'a' measurement is from breastbone, round the shoulder to level with tail (don't go round the bottom).

The 'b', 'c' and 'd' measurements should be taken SNUG to the dog's body with no extra space.





XS = 14-16         S    = 17-20

S/M = 21-23       M=    24-26

L= 27-29            XL= 30 -32



If unsure re size, you are welcome to order and pay for 2 of different sizes and then return the one you do not want for a full refund, if still in new condition, although potage would be at your cost.






















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