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The Kennel Club Assured Breeder Scheme. Learn about what you can expect from an Assured breeder when buying a pup but also, so much more on the Kennel Club site, where you can learn about Field trialling, working tests, Dogs' pedigrees, health tests, health schemes, buying a pup and endless information.

A fascinating site, full of information about ESS health and  welfare and so much more.

There is always much to learn from this site.

Click on the link above to read  'The Animal Welfare Act'
the current law, rules and regulations regarding Docking.



We are really pleased to be able to recommend 'Terry'  at JENNYWREN GUNDOGS and know others who have been to and been pleased with him also, in how he relates to them and their dog.
We are thrilled that he has one of our 'Torwind  Spaniels' who he has had since a pup  is featured  in the videos and is having a great life with him as a working dog.










The classes are small, friendly and relaxed using only force free, positive reward based training methods. The puppy training classes cover all the basic good manners , together with information on caring for your dog and responsible dog ownership.

We have been to these classes ourselves and would definitely recommend

See Sarah's 'Torwind Spaniel' on her website.

   We have used these kennels ourselves and would use again , if required.


What the people do on this site is amazing. the hours they put in to help reunite dogs with their owners is incredible. Take a look, see what they do and remeber their name. it might be that you or somebody else would need their services at one time. We were thrilled when at one of our Torwind Spaniel reunions, via the raffle and donations, £80 was raised which bought 2 Halo Scanners for this area.
We have had the pleasure of Jackie coming to our latest Torwind Spaniel Reunion.
Extremely, friendly, helpful and above all, takes some great photos
Take a look
Christina, who is a friend now also ,, since meeting up via our spaniels , after using   one of our Stud dogs is a provider of pet services based in Hemel Hempstead, covering surrounding area of Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and North London. She is an ex veterinary nurse and Police sergeant with 11 years experience working in the RSPCA inspectorate. During which time she appeared on BBC One's Animal Hospital and Channel 4's Pet Rescue.
This is one of the sites that we are linked to and which we have web pages on also, which I am sure needs updating, as does this website!

 I am not against neutering but feel that people ought to  be fully informed before or if they do go ahead with it.  It is the responsibility of  each owner, to weigh up the pros and cons before they make their decision.

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