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TORWIND TOR (Tri colour B/W/T ) son of our Alfie and Jazz) Lots of Badgercourt

'TOR' is a Black, White and Tan English Springer , son of Jazz and Alfie and Grandson of Whistle and Jypsy.




Tor has just the biggest heart and so wants to please . He is a nicely built, strong lad, full of drive and determination.


 He is quick, responsive , focused and with a good nose and great fun to work with , as a beating dog.



 Ggorgeous looking , fun loving but sensitive  lad .


TOR  passed his Kennel Club working Gundog certificate Sept 2015 in East Sussex


Health test results BVA  Hip Score 4/5=9  

DNA Clear/non carrier for Fucosidosis and PRA cord 1.

BVA Clear eye certificate March 2021. Gonioscopy  unaffected June 2015 and PLA July 2019

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