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In memory of Whistles passing in April


NEWS 2016


Sunday July 3rd 2016

Torwind Annual Spaniel Reunion

for Torwind Spaniel family, relatives and friends





We were thrilled  to meet up with so many at this reunion,inspite of us changing the original date


45 English Springer Spaniels and Sprocket were at the Torwind Spaniel Reunion

Thanks so much to all of you who were able to come and travel so far.





So pleased that a Whistle son 'Jake' came today, who I hadn't met before.


I found it hard with Whistle not being there now; He always was man of the match !! To see his pups, grand pups and great grand pups was a memory of what he started .



Delighted to see many of the pups from different litters and their wonderful owners .

It was exciting to meet up with pups ,young and old from all our studs over the years



Photos were taken by photographer Jackie Eke.

PHOTOS will be uploaded by the end of the week

The link to Jackie's Gallery will be posted on here


For each photo ordered by you, Jackie will make a donation to English Springer Spaniel Welfare




Thanks to all you owners and your dogs for making it a good afternoon .








Barney,Jenna and another Barney,

Jess,Daisy,Fern,Chester Skye and Skye


Sky, Jake and Sprocket all thought it was a good afternoon too!








JUNE 2016

We were really pleased to get Woody and Alfie's Elbow Score results , both having the best scores of 0



 We were pleased to go to Chatsworth House and collect Tor and Broc's Working Gundog Certificates, that they both achieved on Dummies

Tor achieved his in September 2015  and Broc In April 2016



APRIL 2016

It is with great sadness that we had to say our final farewell to our beautiful big and first born Torwind Spaniel this month in April 2016 


'Torwind Whistle' was a big character and we have been overwhelmed by the support and messages in regard to his departure.


He was our main man and the 'Heart of Torwind' but boy, did he know how to live and get the most out of life.


We are so incredibly thankful to have been with and known this boy from the moment he was born.


He brought such joy, laughter and a touch of chaos into our lives and leaves so many many fond memories .


An exhilarating, energetic, enjoyable  and exhausting 13 years and 7 months!




 MARCH 2016


Had a fun weekend, where Tor won the working test on Sunday, run by the Suffolk Gundog Club. Broc too enjoyed the day and was marked better than Tor in a couple of areas but Tor won overall . Good times