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Suffolk Show 2010 Tango, Jypsy & Woody

Our first born spaniel - Torwind Whistle

Torwind sisters- Tango and Jazz

Gem, Woody and Whistle

Broc, Tor and Jazz

Tango, Woody and Hunter


Let us introduce ourselves -We are  Jim and Shara Halls,  Kennel Club Assured Breeders and living near Framlingham, in Suffolk with our English Springer Spaniels , having had 11 springers in our time, although sadly due to old age and dogs passing or moving on, we only have our 4 boys now, who are keeping the Torwind name going, with their romancing duties! Woody is retired now but the younger 3 are still actively enjoying their fleeting friendships !   !




was our first English Springer Spaniel, followed by her son Whistle. Jypsy was  next. We then kept Jypsy and Whistle daughter  Tango, and later on another daughter of theirs Jazz . Rosie was from different lines and we kept her daughter  Gem . All those 3 sisters were sired by Whistle. We brought Woody, who has turned out to be  our most experienced stud,now retired  and later bought  Alfie too, who has been used for stud and kept his son  'Tor' from Jazz and our most recent fella was  Broc  from different and exciting Buccleuch lines, who also is an active stud.


Woody   brought completely fresh lines to this area, being a son of a Field Trial Champion  Misselchalke Lad of Halaze from Cornwall and  Field Trial Winning Dam, Thames Teaser who was brought over from Ireland .


Woody was a very experienced stud ( now retired) and has already produced many cracking pups with good pace and temperament  out of the litters he has sired.  He really is a fantastic fellow and lived up to the job of producing happy and wonderful litttle puppies with  personalities and traits like him!


Alfie, , is tri coloured dog and we have kept  one of his tri colour pups. ( TOR)  He has the most wonderful temperament with FTCH attentive and keen lines along with lots of Badgercourt in the background too, which we always love. He is Jim's beating dog ,loves his days out at the local shoot, as well as the  snuggles in the beating truck too.   



Our stud dogs have all been Hip Scored ( Woody and Alfie were both Elbow scored too with the best result of 0)  All our dogs to be bred from have current clear eye certificates and are checked yearly to make sure they stay up to date. They are also DNA tested.and clear/ non carriers for Fucosidosis (a rare but fatal condition )and PRA cord1 .This means none of our pups will ever develop these condition.

They have also been GONIOSCOPY tested  and our Woody and Alfie  are DNA tested clear for PFK deficiency .


To learn more about what these tests mean, click on this link. HEALTH ISSUES


We  moved   here to Suffolk in June 2004  after having lived in Cornwall for the majority of our lives and ever since then, our spaniels have increased in number, as we have got more and more involved with what we now do. It all began  when we bought our first English Springer Spaniel pup-'Lacey'



Although we had spent many hours,days, weeks thinking about and choosing the breed and dog we wanted, we could never have  imagined, how having Lacey would completely change our lives..


We were really 'taken' with her love of life, her keeness ,endless energy and enthusuiasm and so wanted to find out more, about where she came from and about this fascinating breed !!


The journey continued and we were thrilled and excited when we chose the field trial winning stud that we wanted and travelled up to the Badgercourt kennels, where the sire of our pups - Field Trial Winner Catleylane Ghost of Badgercourt was everything and more , that we could possibly  have wanted.


We will always be grateful to Peter Coombes,- ( Badgercourt ) for all he did to advise and help and encourage us on our way., well over and above ,what we had come there for and have always had a keen interest in the Badgercourt look of spaniel, with the traditional solid type look and head.


The Kennel Club affix 'TORWIND' was chosen, as when we lived in Cornwall, one of our greatest joys, was to go with our dogs to the moors, as they ran up and climbed tors with their ears blowing back behind them in the wind!


In  2004, we moved to Suffolk, where there are less tors(!) but the name still sticks as the pleasure of being out + about with our dogs, when they are enjoying themselves is just as good!




We  train and work our younger dogs Alfie,Tor and  Broc who have gone beating with us on a local shoot with invites to go to others.  Tor and Broc too, have achieved their Kennel Club Working Gundog Certificates and both had their first go at a Kennel Club Working tests .


We also do or did basic  training  with our older dogs. They come from good working and trialling lines and this, along with their confident and happy attitude, meant that  the right pup in the right circumstance,would be suitable for a working or pet home, as previous owners of our pups could confirm.



Pups that we have bred have gone on to been used as working dogs out on shoots as well as pets in family homes. Our spaniels are enthusaistic, healthy, full on and fit dogs.







We  have recently been doing talks and demonstrations at local country shows in regard to all sorts of spaniel varieties, which has been very enjoyable with usually 30 or more spaniels in the ring. The owners and handlers have been wonderfully supportive. We love all the feedback and photos, that we get from our puppy owners and those that have used for 'Whistle'  'Woody' or 'Alfie' ' Tor ' or 'Broc 'for stud. It makes it all worthwhile and we thank all of you, who continue to keep in contact. It means a lot.






We are here for back up advice and support for owners of pups we have bred.



  Please click on photos to enlarge


'Torwind Spaniels ' is on '  Facebook  ' where those of you who have Torwind pups or grandpups, can add your photos without my permission and see your springer relatives.




Take a look, add your photos and enjoy! When doing so, please put your dog's kennel Club name, pet name and parents and if a grandpup, then put that down too. Thanks!


We are looking forward to meeting the Torwind extended family!






Some of our dogs were involved with a cancer research project, organised by the Animal Health Trust, who wanted samples and information from healthy spaniels over 7, and this is something we encourage and support.



Also, 4 more of our spaniels had their DNA samples taken to help with further research with the Animal Health Trust.


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