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Torwind Finesse ( Misty)

Torwind Forget Me Not ( Tilly) 1.5 yrs o

Torwind What a Gem (2 yrs) river playing

Torwind Firecracker ( Monty 9.75 mths)

Torwind Flame ( Bailey)

Torwind Flush ( Benson 7 mths)

Torwind Ruby Rose ( Ruby 2 yrs)

Torwind Heart of Gold ( Dizzy 2 yrs)

Torwind Going for Gold ( Spangle)

Torwind White Gold ( Pickford)

Torwind Fine Fettle (9 mths Flame)

Torwind Full of Joy ( Kirby)

Torwind Free as a Bird ( Ziggy)

Torwind Fun and Games ( Billy 10.75 mths

Torwinds Fine Fellow ( Hamish)

Torwind Full of Fun (14 mths Zephur)

Torwind As Good As Gold (11 mth Oscar)

11 mth Cocoa, Oscar, Gem with mum & dad.

Torwind Little Diamond ( Cocoa2 yrs)

Torwinds Forever Friend (2 yr Jerry)



Rosie and Whistle  present some of their grown up sons and daughters , born on Feb 12th 07 ,May 7th 2008 and Aug 31st 2009.


They have turned out to be wonderful spaniels. Rosie was spayed after her last litter and is now enjoying her grannyhood but with no babysitting!!



These very loyal grown up pups now live in  Dorset, Sussex, Hampshire, Hertfordshire,Essex,  Kent, Surrey and Suffolk
















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