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Jypsy pups at play

Tango 6 weeks

Jypsy and Whistle 6 wk pups

Tango daughter

Gem x Woody daughter

Millie & Bolt Jypsy last liver pups

1 day old black white pups

1 day old liver white pups

Rosies last sons.

Fatherhood with 6 week pups

Jypsy and Whistle pups

Rosie pups feeding time at 2 wks

Rosies and pups after feeding

Ruby Rose strikes a pose. 7 wks, 6 days

Rosie and Whistle 1st daughters

Rosie and whistle 1st sons

A loving mum looks after her pups

Jypsy and Hopes last night together.



Here are some of our pups that we have bred over the past years, who we have loved spending many energetic and exhilarating hours with and still often think about to this day!



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