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Torwind Tapestry ( Mabel 10.75 mths)

Torwind Jazzmatazz (Jazz 12 mths)

Torwind Torchlight 7 yrs,10mths

Torwind Torchlight. Henry 7 3/4 yr

Torwind Together Forever -Millie 9 mths

Torwind Top Notch ( Isley 13 mths)

Torwind Top Notch ( Isley 13 mths)

Torwind Thanks a Milion ( Bolt 13 mths)


Jypsy's final litter

On the 4th June 2009, Jypsy gave birth to her last and easiest litter !


She had 6 bright sparks, which were as keen as mustard!



 An end of an era but her last daughter, Jazz carried on the family name and brought some more beauties into the world.


as did Tango- an older daugher of  Jypsy's, from the same sire- our big fella,  Torwind Whistle.





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