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8 wk Torwind Well Done Woody ( Reuben)

8 wk Torwind Precious Pearl ( Jenny).

8 wk Torwind Woody Woodster ( Kez).

8 wk Torwind Wood You Believe It (Ruben)

8 wk Torwind Whistling Woodman ( Rossi)

7 wk Torwind Winter Woodyland ( Dexter).

Woody and daughter Twizzle at 7 wks

7 wk Torwind Gemstone ( Twizzle).

7 wk Badger runs with his mum, Gem

8 wk Torwind Woodys Way ( Badger).


Gem's 1st pups

Gem and Woody's first pups were born on 31/01/10

Here are their 6 bouncing boys and 2 gorgeous girls 


Both parents have excellent pedigrees and have a lovely temperament.

They have current clear eye certificates.

They are  DNA tested clear and non carriers.for Fucosidosis,




 Kennel Club names are based on their parents' names- Woody and Gem


TORWIND WELL DONE WOODY--Reuben went to live in Windsor, Berkshire



TORWIND WHISTLING WOODMAN--Rossi went to live in Rayleigh, Essex




TORWIND WOODY'S WAY--Badger went to live  in Hadleigh, Suffolk




TORWIND WOODY WOODSTER--Kez  went to live in Hintlesham, Suffolk




TORWIND PRECIOUS PEARL--Jenny went to live in  Reydon, Suffolk




TORWIND GEMSTONE--Twizzle  went to live in Ipswich, Suffolk




TORWIND WINTER WOODYLAND--Dexter went to live in Milton keynes, Buckinghamshire




TORWIND WOOD YOU BELIEVE IT! --Ruben's new home is in Jersey.

( spelt wood instead of would for obvious reasons!)






Gem and Woody's next pups will probably not be avaialble till summer 2011 



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