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Torwind Woodys Way ( Badger)

Torwind Woodys Way ( Badger beaming!)

Torwind Gemstone ( Twizzle at 17 mths)

Torwind Gemstone- Twizzle- 1 yr

Torwind Woody Woodster - Kez 11 mths

Torwind Woody Woodster - Kez 17mths

Torwind Well Done Woody- Reuben-1 yr

Torwind Well Done Woody -Reuben- 14 mths

Torwind Wood You Believe It- Ruben -1 yr

Torwind Wood You Believe It- Ruben 6 mth

Torwind Precious Pearl ( Jenny 8 mths )

Torwind Precious Pearl ( Jenny 7 mths)

Torwind Winter Woodyland ( Dexter 8 mths

Torwind Winter Woodyland (Dexter 8 mths)


GEM's 1st PUPS

Woody and Gem's sons and daughters have turned out to be such happy and loving spaniels !
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