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On these pages, you will see some pups from our different litters, as well as pups listed from our most recent litters, under their mum' names.


Here you can see some of our pups, from different mums as they feed, grow and have fun! Take a look!

Tango's 1st Pups

Tango's 1st pups, sired by Ft Ch Saturn's Spirit. More pictures can be seen of these pups , as they grow on the "grown up pups page.''

Tango's 2nd pups

This second litter was sired by our own stud, Lambriggan laddy of Torwind ( Woody) where they produced tri coloured pups, liver, white and tan, which shows they both carry this rare recessive gene.

Tango 3rd pups

Another super litter from Tango and Woody, after being so pleased with their previous litter together.

Gem's 1st pups

Here are pictures of Gem and Woody's first pups. More pictures can be seen of them , as they grow on the 'grown up pups page.''

GEM 2nd pups

Here are pictures of Gem x Woody pups as they grew up, while they were here for the first weeks of their life.

Jazz 1st pups

Here are Jazz x woody's first fabulous pups together- 4 different colours and markings and a wide variety of super characters!

Jazz 2nd pups

Jazz was put to our Alfie for her 2nd and 3rd litters and what a cracking lot of pups :) We kept one ourselves !

Jazz 3rd pups

These pups were also sired by our Alfie . 7 boys and 1 girl including 3 black white, 2 liver, white and tan and 3 Black, white and tan pups . Scrummy Yummy pupsters ;)
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