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There is  a lot of misunderstanding and misleading going on in regard to dogs who are known as 'Health Tested' and so I have put a couple of pages on here, to help explain, what tests are involved and are available for English Springer Spaniels- working and show type.


 I am not saying that dogs who aren't health tested are not healthy , nor am I guaranteeing that all 'health tested' dogs can be gauranteed to be healthy in all areas BUT there ARE guarantees in regard to the DNA tests, if both parents are clear or one only is a carrier, that they will never get that condition.


All our girls and boys are clear/ non carriers for Fucosidosos and GPRA cord1.

None of these dogs  will ever develop those conditions nor pass onto any of their  pups.


Both our studs are clear/non carriers for Phosphofructikinase deficiency , which means none of their pups will get the condition, and even if any of the girls they are put to, in their stud duties, happen to be carriers, the pups still would not get the condition, as you need 2 carrier genes to produce an affected pup.

Our Stud dogs always have their  BVA Current clear eye certificates up to date and our girls too, if going to be bred from will have their Clear eye certificate done and in date too. All our spaniels to be bred from now have been Gonioscopy tested apart from our pup Tor


To me, if there is a condition, that we as breeders  can test for, then why not?


Every little helps!




This link is to the BVA SCHEMES , which do the eye clinics, Gonioscopy testing and has the information in regard to Hip and Elbow scoring.  


I will be adding more to this page soon.





The articles below can be downloaded as a word document .

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