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TORWIND WHISTLE ( Liver/ White First born Torwind pup. Badgercourt lines in every generation.

Our first stud, TORWIND WHISTLE  ( 26th Aug 2002 - 6th April 2016 ) 

was the very first English Springer that we bred from our 'foundation bitch ' Lacey ( Madam Sorrell of Torwind ) and one of my favourite dogs ever 'Catleylane Ghost of Badgercourt'

Whistle, was a strong solid powerful hard hunting dog , who lived to hunt and retrieve  and  so full of character!

Once you met him, you would never  forget him!

See his photos under our Springers page. 

He too was DNA tested clear /non carrier for Fucosidosis and PRA cord 1 and had Clear eye certificates, while he was an acting stud.

Click on this link to see more about him and his photos

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