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We have all the 4 Kennel Club Breed Registered colours available for stud

Liver and White Buddy, Black and White Broc, Liver, White and Tan Alfie and Black, White and Tan Tor


Studs  Woody and Alfie,  both fulfilled over and above  the Assured Breeder Requirements

Woody, Alfie and Tor  have been HIP SCORED  with excellent results.

Broc too has been HIP SCORED and below average score. BUDDY is our newest member of the family and is unaffected in all the DNA and BVA eye tests March 2019 . He has sired some smart pups and is a cracking dog . . 


Our stud dogs have come from different lines, bringing different characteristics and backgrounds to ours and others pups but each one is happy, healthy, fit and friendly with an exuberance and energy that we love.


 Woody has now been retired , at the same age as his best mate Whistle.

The world has been a better place with their pups in it.

Whistle has died now ( April 2016) but Woody is still here with us, being our dream dog and the true gent that he is .

You can see more about both in the links below



 HIP SCORES - WOODY = 4/4 =8 ( scored at just under 4 years old) ALFIE = 3/5 =8

ELBOW SCORES are both 0 for Woody and Alfie who were both scored by BVA


All are DNA tested clear/non carriers for Fucosidosis and PRA cord 1 which means that none of our boys' offspring could suffer from these conditions . ( although depending on the mum of the pups , who unless tested themselves, could be carriers, in which case pups could be carriers but due to our boys' DNA, they won't be affected )


They also all have up to date Clear eye certificates, while being used for stud.



Woody and Alfie have had further tests, Phosphofructikinase deficiency ( PFK) and were clear/non carriers of that and also both passed their Gonioscopy eye examination  and were 'unaffected'


Both boys have been hip scored with good results



Whistle , Woody and Alfie  have sired pups suitable for pet and working homes with people coming back to use them a 2nd time and even more besides.


Broc  is siring some very smart  litters, with which we are really pleased .

He is also Hip Scored and   DNA clear/non carrier for Fucosidosis and PRA cord1

He has his BVA clear eye certificate  IN MARCH 2021   and is  Gonioscopy tested Unaffected


 Tor  has also been health tested .

He has been BVA Hip Scored at 4/5 =9 and has his BVA clear eye certificate MARCH 2021 and Gonioscopy too
He is also  DNA clear/non carrier for Fucosidosis and PRA cord1

He has sired some gorgeous pups too





Click on their names to see their photos and to learn more about them.




HOUGHGREEN BUCK FEVER OF TORWIND (FT CH Murrayeden of Poolgreen x FT W Dainty of Birlingham)

Buddy is a liver white ,keen enthusiastic fellow with a very friendly disposition. Life is for living! Producing some smart pups, now he is a proven stud dog. BVA eye test and Gonioscopy test. All clear. March 2021 DNA tested Fuco, PRA cord 1, PFK and AMS all clear

SYNCERUS SKER AT TORWIND ( FT CH Buccleuch Pepper x FT W Buccleuch Repose)

Black and White smart stylish hunter . Medium sized dog with soft personality but powers through , where he has got to go.

BLACHEBORNE ALFIE TORWIND( Grandsires FT CH Roanlodge Scott & FTW Badgercourt Sirius)

Tri colour, Liver, White and Tan Enthusiastic, Energetic, up for anything friendly fellow, who also works as a beating dog. His pups have gone to working and pet homes.

TORWIND TOR (Tri colour B/W/T ) son of our Alfie and Jazz) Lots of Badgercourt

Tri colour Black. White and Tan . Powerful working dog with the biggest heart ,wanting to please. Lots of drive and determination. Bred by us - 4th generation

TORWIND WHISTLE ( Liver/ White First born Torwind pup. Badgercourt lines in every generation.

Big solid strong powerful dog . great character and adored by everyone. Retired after siring 236 pups

LAMBRIGGAN LADDY OF TORWIND (FT CH Misselchalke Lad of Halaze x FTW Thames Teaser)

Liver and White handsome, keen to please, wonderful willing and good natured dog , who sired just over 400 pups, to working and pet homes.He is now retired
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