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This page is to announce in brief, any developments, information or events,

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JULY – SEPT 2012

We have been busy these past few months as Tango and Woody had another wonderful litter in July and Jazz and Alfie had their first litter together in August, with which we were absolutely thrilled . So much so, we decided to keep one of their sons a tri coloured Black, White and Tan boy whose Kennel Club name is ‘Torwind Tor’

Look out for him on his own page



We were so pleased to have our visit -14th June 2012 . As aprt of the being on the 'Assured Breeder Scheme' then we as breeders are visited in our homes, where everything we do and how we do it is checked that all is in order.  Hours of talking about everything to do with dogs, discussing everything we do, questions about all sorts and everything, photos taken of our set up, the dogs, paperwork and puppy pack copies taken away and just a thoroughly good afternoon talking to another breeder and all things doggy. We are delighted and it was so lovely to hear all the reports and reviews read out that were sent in from our puppy owners who filled in the feedback forms after getting one of our pups. Thank you all .



Really Pleased As They Are Nicely Below The Breed Mean Average

He has now had all the DNA tests and BVA eye tests and so now, both our boys are assured kc studs and tested over and above the ‘assured breeder requirements’

Both Woody- and Alfie- had their blood samples sent to the states and are  DNA tested clear/non carries for the metabolic disorder  PFK (Phosphofructikinase Deficiency) and so therefore none of their pups will be 'affected' by this condition.